Centres for Femenist Legal Research

The centers and organizations that are dedicated to Feminist Legal Research all over the world, base their work on the fundamental human rights like the right to freedom of speech, the right to freedom of religion, the right to equality and sexual autonomy, which are examined from the feminist perspective.

Post colonial Approach to Human Rights

The issues of discrimination are now globalized and have to be looked on through the whole world perspective. Post colonial studies contain the descriptions of many past and nowadays injustices and many terms that are considered contradictory today. Neocolonialist means that colonial time has ended but still this colonial past can not be forgotten and should be always examined in human rights research.

Freedom of Speech and Expression

Hate speech and sexual speech are distinguished and are two separate laws. Hate speech contains hatred towards different race, religion or caste. This issue is getting addressed in courts but remains highly controversial.

Sexual expression is very limited in India by its Hindu culture, specific political groups and media. This causes deeper division between Western and Eastern world.

Right to Freedom of Religion

This right is one of the fundamental ones and all religious minorities should be protected and made aware of their rights. If a country has its own state religion,the freedom of religion in this country is achieved by permittingĀ  other religions and sects and not harassing or punishing them in any way.

Right to Equality

India is filled with huge inequalities but it should be noted that ancient Indian civilization created many inequalities then like caste system. This historical disadvantage should be diminished by implementing state and legal measures.

Right to Sexual Autonomy

Sexual rights mean that people can choose freely their sexual orientation, are not being prosecuted for their sexual orientation, the style of clothes( sexy dresses, discount corsets, sexy lingerie) are free of violence, have access to sexual and reproductive information and service. These rights are required to be protected in every country.

Violence toward women and rape is a major problem in India. Sexual crimes against women have increased significantly. Due to historical and cultural influence the victims are often blamed for their crime and made believe that they dressed or acted inappropriately that caused them to be raped or harassed. Due to this social pressure, lack of law enforcement and protection many victims do not report sexual crimes committed against them. Such victims are often considered to be unfit for marriage and face public blame.